Drawings and sketches paired with sculptures

Life of It’s Own, 1972

We found three documents associated with this sculpture: a note describing the motor and how it is wired, a wiring diagram and a scale drawing by Henry Federoff of the work. Aaronel made a notation on the drawing that a hexagon support was used rather than an arc.















The motor in this work is connected to a timer which stops the rotation at seemingly random intervals while the inner cube continues to move.


Anamorphic Lens – 1970

This sketch shows four sections, however the final work contains three sections, indeed on the bottom right is the notation “didn’t do this size”.










Anamorphic Lens – Maxi, 1972

An early drawing showing a rough outline. Note the intended size, this work is over six feet tall.









Multiplex 4, 1971 and Arched Strata, 1975

Aaronel made several versions of Multiplex. Indeed  Arched Strata was originally Maxi Multiplex, 1971, but was remade and renamed in 1975. We cannot match the accompanying sketch with a specific work but present these two as examples.

Presumably at the time Aaronel made this sketch, her son Terry was required to register for the Selective Service and she wrote herself a note, on the bottom left, to remind him.























Orbital Cube, 1967

These notes, written on the back of a postcard, are instructions for removing the cube if necessary. The note indicates an edition of eight was planned but only two were made. The sculpture we have is signed on the bottom with 1967 for the date.







Purple Cycloplex, 1984

The note indicates that the “next” version should have a green bubble in the center but this work contains an aqua bubble. Prior to discovering this note, we did not know the name of this sculpture and had it listed as untitled.









Nature Cycle II

Drawing # 3 illustrates the design used for this sculpture and a choice of either using a rounded square or disk. Drawings #1 and #2 have not been found.








Deco Spin II

Here is a complicated rough sketch showing the color scheme for the design of each surface of the cube. Colored dots were added to the final work and do not appear in the drawing.