Pushing the limits of the Olympus C2020Z

Shooting hand held with a slow shutter speed at a dance performance in 2004, Aaronel made several exposures of the action. The idea was not to record the performers but to capture movement and color. She attended a similar performance in 2005, collecting several more exposures that would serve as a starting point to express her vision. 

Aaronel approached this work like creating a painting. Some files or portions of files were combined to make a totally different image, others were used straight from the camera. Then she would remove any distracting elements and enhance others, always with an eye to space, color and form. To Aaronel this process was intuitive and the result was always different from the beginning.

We enlarged the files to 30 x 40 inches and made several large prints – something unheard of from a 2 megapixel camera. Of course, to Aaronel, jpeg artifacts merely became another brush stroke technique. 

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