The Aaronel deRoy Gruber and Irving Gruber Gallery

The 1990’s were particularly productive for Aaronel in terms of exhibiting her photographs across the country and throughout the Western Pennsylvania region. During this decade she participated in numerous annual juried exhibitions at Silver Eye called Photo Opportunities. Our records show Dr. Louise Lippincott, Ms Annagreth Nill and Linda Benedict-Jones as some of the judges selecting participants for Photo Opportunities. Below is a gallery of a sampling of images from those shows.

1996 was the 15th anniversary of Silver Eye. An exhibition called Relative Viewpoints by Aaronel and her son Terry deRoy Gruber was held at Silver Eye and the Wood Street Galleries of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Terry, a pioneer in documentary-style wedding and event photography, based in New York City, exhibited his Honeymoon Series, 1993, consisting of black and white photographs taken at various locations in Italy. Aaronel showed images made in Morocco, Syria, Jordan and Rome. These were her signature infrared, toned black and white prints, some of which were hand painted and color prints as well. All prints were for sale with the proceeds benefiting Silver Eye. Below is a selection of Aaronel’s images.

The Analytical Eye, a retrospective of Aaronel’s photography, curated by Linda Benedict-Jones and Graham Shearing was held at Silver Eye Center for Photography on Carson Street in 2009. Below is a gallery of images taken at the opening reception.

Past Present Future: Western Pennsylvania’s People and Places is the first exhibition presented in the Aaronel deRoy Gruber and Irving Gruber Gallery to celebrate Silver Eye’s (re)Opening at their new location. From Silver Eye’s website: “This expansive survey exhibition celebrates photographic landscapes and portraits of Western Pennsylvania, spanning over 100 years of image making in the region. The exhibition features the work of over 40 artists and is presented in a nonlinear salon style. Past Present Future creates visual connections between the images and traditions of iconic giants of mid 20th century photography like W. Eugene Smith, Esther Bubley, and Duane Michals and contemporary artists making work today throughout the region”. (

Kurt Shaw wrote an illuminating review of Past Present Future for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Below are Aaronel’s images presented in Past Present Future, all taken in the late 90’s. These photographs represent the energy, drive and commitment to her vision that she possessed at an advanced age. 

“I have been photographing since I was a young girl, recording whatever caught my attention. In the early process of creating, I tried to seek out the unusual throughout the various ethnic neighborhoods unique to the Pittsburgh area, and to capture images that were worthy of preservation.
I feel that as an artist, I have a mission to preserve, through photography, the historical evidence and semblances of all these once wonderful and dynamic contributors of the rich and developing history of our Western PA environment”.